Thursday, 25 November 2010

Android for beginners

I have put together a few links explaning about android, rooting it and all the jargon used, to give all you beginners a heads up;

About android

About rooting your phone and why

You may hear about the android kernel and dont have a clue what it is, well read this (based on the linux kernel)

ADB you will hear that mentioned a lot in android and rooting/modding your phone you will need to know about it

One of the most popular custom roms out

Using the command line (windows) you need to know how to use it! (running a program from the command line)

Im going to assume that anyone running linux already knows how to use the terminal 

Gmail tasks in ubuntu

One way to have gtasks in your system tray running as if its a program in ubuntu.
This method uses prism

Monday, 22 November 2010

Cyanogen MOD 6 (cm6) system app updates

Just updated system apps with the latest 18/12/10

The now removes the apps it updates, from the /data/app automatically now. So no need to remove the apps before applying the update. Now you will have some more memory free to download more apps!

The update contains the latest apps;
  • Supper user by chainsdd
  • Gmail
  • Voice search
  • Twitter
  • Amazon mp3
  • Maps
  • Rommanager
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Car home 
  • Quick search
Dowload from here