Sunday, 10 July 2011

Flashing US 3.1 ROM on to UK wifi xoom

Flashing US 3.1 on to uk wifi xoom

Fed up of waiting for motorola to update your uk wifi xoom? Then follow these instructions on how to flash the US 3.1 ROM and receive US updates.

I have tested the images and procedure my self. But please remember things can go WRONG so


Download the images and fastboot here this only has fastboot for windows. Linux/mac fastboot can be found here

Words with the courier font are to be typed into command prompt or terminal.
Install fasboot drivers
Extract zipped images folder.
Open command prompt(cmd)
cd to the directory you extracted the files to.

Hold down power and down buttton on xoom till it says: 'starting Fastboot protocol support'
don't worry if it seems to hang on that, it's ment to.
Now you are in fastboot mode.
check you can see the device.

fastboot.exe devices

If you can not see it then you must install the drivers or configure linux, creating a udev rule depending what distro you are running.
Now lets unlock the boot loader with the following command

fastboot.exe oem unlock  follow the onscreen instructions, this will wipe everything!

Boot back into fastboot mode.
Now lets flash the US images.

fastboot.exe flash boot boot.img
fastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot.exe flash system system.img
fastboot.exe flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot.exe erase cache

Assuming there are no errors, thats the US 3.0.1 flashed onto the xoom.

fastboot.exe reboot

Now you should have the US 3.0.1 stock rom. so log in and check for system updates
download the 3.1 update wait for that to install.

Once the install has finished you will now have US 3.1 honeycomb on your uk wifi xoom.

If you want to stay with stock and no root then you are done and you will recieve future US updates.

That was nice and easy wasn't it? If only all android devices could be unlocked with the oem unlock command.

Useful links:

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cyanogen mod system apps auto creator

The first version of my automated cyanogen mod system apps creator for the nexus one (updater-creator) is out.
All you have to do now is download the updated apps from the android market plug your phone in, setting it to USB debugging mode, then run my program and choose what apps you would like in the The program will auto create the package and sign it ready to be flashed via recovery mode.
Flashing the package will then delete the chosen apps from /data/app partition and move them to the /system/app partition freeing up memory for more apps.

Updater-creator is written in Java for Linux

This is still early days for the program problems/bugs may still be there and it is lacking features for now, but I will be working on fixing problems and adding features.

Please read the README inside the tar file.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Cyanogen mod system apps updater

Im working on a simple java program to create files with apps you choose in it.

Hopefully it will work simply by downloading the apps on the market onto your phone, plug your phone in and run my app this will create a flashable file that will move the apps from the /data partition to the /system saving you space for more apps. This will be a shell/command line based program.

I'm going to try and get this working on linux first, see how it goes. It will be a hacky way of doing things as I'm going to have to used the android SDK ADB tool via java.

This will be my first real attempt at a java program so it could take a while. This is a personal project just for the sake of learning java but if you are interested in it please let me know.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Android for beginners

I have put together a few links explaning about android, rooting it and all the jargon used, to give all you beginners a heads up;

About android

About rooting your phone and why

You may hear about the android kernel and dont have a clue what it is, well read this (based on the linux kernel)

ADB you will hear that mentioned a lot in android and rooting/modding your phone you will need to know about it

One of the most popular custom roms out

Using the command line (windows) you need to know how to use it! (running a program from the command line)

Im going to assume that anyone running linux already knows how to use the terminal 

Gmail tasks in ubuntu

One way to have gtasks in your system tray running as if its a program in ubuntu.
This method uses prism

Monday, 22 November 2010

Cyanogen MOD 6 (cm6) system app updates

Just updated system apps with the latest 18/12/10

The now removes the apps it updates, from the /data/app automatically now. So no need to remove the apps before applying the update. Now you will have some more memory free to download more apps!

The update contains the latest apps;
  • Supper user by chainsdd
  • Gmail
  • Voice search
  • Twitter
  • Amazon mp3
  • Maps
  • Rommanager
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Car home 
  • Quick search
Dowload from here

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

adobe air on ubuntu 10.10 64 bit

Here is the easiest way to install adobe air on ubuntu 10.10 64bit.
Just rebuild the .deb package to an x64 arch and then install it and boom you are done no need to mess with the instructions on the adobe site installing 32 bit libs ect.

Here is the link for instructions on how to rebuild the package.

And when you are done you will be able to have BBC iplayer, tweetdeck ect running awesome!