Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cyanogen mod system apps auto creator

The first version of my automated cyanogen mod system apps creator for the nexus one (updater-creator) is out.
All you have to do now is download the updated apps from the android market plug your phone in, setting it to USB debugging mode, then run my program and choose what apps you would like in the The program will auto create the package and sign it ready to be flashed via recovery mode.
Flashing the package will then delete the chosen apps from /data/app partition and move them to the /system/app partition freeing up memory for more apps.

Updater-creator is written in Java for Linux

This is still early days for the program problems/bugs may still be there and it is lacking features for now, but I will be working on fixing problems and adding features.

Please read the README inside the tar file.

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